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empowHER India has been working persistently to engineer positive and sustainable change to holistically provide women access to economic opportunities and social justice through Self-Help Groups (SHGs) so they lead a life of dignity and well-being through better health, hygiene, sanitation and education
Our Vision
Empowering women and girls in villages to live a life of dignity and equality
Our Mission
Transform the lives of 1 million women and girls to realize their full potential by 2030
Mr. Nirbhay Jain
Founder & Chairman Emeritus
Letter from the founder

25 years ago, at the peak of my corporate career, I realized that giving money for social upliftment is not enough. I wanted to go beyond writing a cheque and hoping that somebody else would work for rural communities. People like me had to come forward to contribute their time and their resources to solve the pressing issues faced by rural communities. When I first visited Panvel, I saw poverty, lack of resources and no infrastructure. But I also saw hope and the desire for change in the eyes of the people I met. Their stories spurred me into action. My wife Urmila and I began a small initiative to help people around the villages of Panvel by conducting health camps and distributing food grains, utensils and clothes. This simple act had a profound impact on the community. When provided with the basic necessities for survival, many people came forward to put in requests; they had no water, no electricity and no roads. Without this infrastructure, they said, it was impossible to alleviate poverty in the region. We realized that while charity was a good beginning, we had to work with the community to improve their standard of living. With this thought, the Nere-Waje committee was formed to implement projects which in the years to come would lead to overall prosperity in the region.

The journey taught both Urmila and me many lessons. We realized that while infrastructure creation did improve the quality of life for a community, women were at the centre of development. It was our most significant learning while working in rural areas. We began working with women and listening to their stories while working on possible solutions. Formation of Self Help Groups was our first step towards the goal of women empowerment, construction of toilets and providing them access to water came next.

Today, empowHER India continues to carry forward our mission to transform rural communities with women leading the way. I hope you will join the empowHER India family as we work towards our mission to establish an equitable society.
Launched Adolescent Girl Program reaching out to 800+ girls

Expanded our footprint to Karjat Taluka, Raigad
Launch of empowHER India’s first Water ATM as a part of the clean drinking water project and completion of construction of 2000 toilet
SKS Chakshu Foundation becomes empowHER India with a thematic focus on women
Sanitation project initiated with the construction of 6 toilets at Umroli village
Launch of the Micro-entrepreneur programs
150 Self Help Groups’ federation grows to a membership of more than 2000 women
Economic Empowerment of Women initiated with Women’s Self-Help Groups at Nere village
Foray into Education with the Rakesh Jain Secondary School and Balwadis (play schools)
empowHER India takes birth as SKS Chakshu Foundation