“One child, one teacher, one book, one pen can change the world.”
-Malala Yousafzai
In India, girls are deprived of education due to gender discrimination and patriarchal mindsets. In 2000, parents were reluctant to spend on educating their daughters. empowHER India has worked with women and families to ensure access to education for the girl child. The Rakesh Jain Madhyamik Vidyamandir. is a government aided co-ed semi English medium school in Panvel catering to students from 5th standard to the 10th standard. The school began with 150 students and 3 class rooms. It has since then grown to 450 students with 7 classrooms in 2019.

A holistic approach has been adopted wherein along with providing academic education to students, we strive to nurture them in the field of arts, culture and sports. We have actively worked on developing their vocational skills in an effort to increase their future employability. empowHER India uses a student-centered pedagogical approach and has adopted digital learning in the classrooms through E-learning. We have a commendable pass percentage of over 90 percent in the Secondary School Certificate exams.

We aim to provide our children with a safe, secure, and inclusive environment in which they can grow and ultimately realize their full potential.
Adolescent Girls Program
The lack of adequate intervention at the ground level prompted empowHER India to support adolescent girls
empowHER India works on WASH to provide access to sanitation
Clean Drinking Water
It has become imperative to accelerate the availability of clean drinking water (CDW) in the rural households of India
Primary Health Care
Covid-19 has significantly increased the awareness and need for primary health care across the country, especially in the rural areas.
Educating young minds today is key to mould conscientious citizens of tomorrow.
Self Help Group
Financial literacy and financial inclusion are the stepping stones