Self Help Group
2006 to 2019
“When equipped with resources and knowledge, women can overcome marginalization and become change makers in their community.”

Empowerment in its truest sense has many intricate qualities that make a concise definition difficult. It means different things to different women and as practitioners working on the ground, we have learnt its varied contextual meanings by working closely with women.

Over time, we have come to realize that there are certain indisputable “tools” that all women need to work towards empowering themselves. They are:

  • Financial Literacy
  • Financial Inclusion
  • Access to knowledge and information
Self-reliance and economic independence are the cornerstones of women empowerment. It is with this understanding that we have initiated our Financial Inclusion program led by Self Help Groups
Adolescent Girls Program
The lack of adequate intervention at the ground level prompted empowHER India to support adolescent girls
empowHER India works on WASH to provide access to sanitation
Clean Drinking Water
It has become imperative to accelerate the availability of clean drinking water (CDW) in the rural households of India
Primary Health Care
Covid-19 has significantly increased the awareness and need for primary health care across the country, especially in the rural areas.
Educating young minds today is key to mould conscientious citizens of tomorrow.
Self Help Group
Financial literacy and financial inclusion are the stepping stones